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What's the Difference Between SL-S720 and HC-S724H Battery-Powered Cable Cutters?

Our battery-powered cable cutters are designed to cleanly cut through the toughest steel cable on the market. Not only do they have the capability to replace manual cable cutters, but they can also replace entire tool kits, including bolt cutters and hacksaws. We offer two models, the SL-S720, and the larger HC-S724H, each with their own unique features and abilities.

loos-cableware-SL-S720-cutting-toolThe SL-S720 cable cutter provides a 6 ton output while only weighing 7.7 lbs. Paired with its specially designed flip-top rotating head, this tool is easy to use and maneuver in tight spaces with one hand. Its jaws open 0.75”, allowing it to effortlessly slice through wire rope up to 5/8”, guy wires to 3/8”, and ground rods to 1/2”, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

loos-cableware-HC-S724H-cutting-toolThe HC-S724H is more robust, weighing 11 lbs and offering an 8 ton output. Its jaws open 0.95” to allow for wire rope up to 7/8”, guy wires to 5/8”, and rebar to 1/2", making it ideal for more heavy-duty applications that require additional cutting strength. It works in any position with the help of a 180 degree rotational head, and has an overload bypass that will "kick-out" when the tool attempts to cut a material beyond its 8 ton capacity.

Both tools come with a standard set of accessories that include a battery charger, two BP-185 Lithium Ion Batteries, a carrying strap, and a plastic carrying case. Their manuals are always available for free download at https://loosnaples.com/products/battery-powered-cable-cutters/, and they include operating instructions, specifications, general information, and troubleshooting recommendations. Battery-operated cable cutters are a great way to remove the manual labor from cable cutting, however, if you are looking for a set of cutters that do not require power, we also offer both hydraulic and manual options.

For more information about our line of battery-operated cable cutters, visit https://loosnaples.com/products/battery-powered-cable-cutters/. Check out our website for additional swaging tools, cable strippers, and hardware, or contact us with any questions.