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Clean Cuts Make All The Difference

Clean cuts make all the difference when working with aircraft cable. Whether you are shortening an overall length in an assembly using wire rope clips, or preparing to swage your own assemblies, creating perfect cuts combats cut-end expansion and ensures cable will fit into your cable hardware, maintaining production efficiencies and reducing work-in-process delays. To ensure this, use the sharpest, longest-lasting cable cutters available on the market today: FELCO cable cutters from Loos & Co., Inc Cableware Division. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of these cable cutters.FELCO

FELCO cutters are manufactured with high-strength blades that are hardened and tampered for cutting through the strongest cables. All cutters are tested before leaving the factory to guarantee sharpness and functionality, so you can buy with confidence knowing you will receive a quality product every time. FELCO cable cutters are lightweight enough to use overhead, but their forged aluminum handles make them durable and dependable even in the harshest environments.

Quality Cuts
FELCO cable cutters do not squash strands, which means it is generally not necessary to tie cables before cutting them. This will not only make the cutting process smoother, but it will also save time and effort on larger projects. FELCO cutters also make swaging simple, allowing the smooth ends of a cut cable to fit seamlessly against hardware without jamming, as they would with frayed ends. 

Ease of Use
FELCO products are lightweight, ergonomic, and easily portable in leather or plastic sheaths for operation in the field. The lever effect makes cutting through bulky cable easy without straining the operator, and C7, C3, and CDO cutters are even operable with one hand. For chopping through large and unruly cables, the C9 cutter uses triangular shaped jaws to progressively snips strands. The cutters are comfortable to use even on large strand, and effortlessly break down cable up to 1/2".

FELCO cutters are recognized worldwide for their precision cutting capabilities. They are lightweight and comfortable enough for overhead cutting, yet are durable enough to withstand underwater work. With high quality blades on robust handles, these tools ensure clean, effortless cuts every time. To experience the value of FELCO cutters for yourself, visit https://loosnaples.com/products/felco-cable-cutters/.