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Why Mil-Spec Pulleys are Right for You

We know how frustrating it can be finding pulleys that are durable, customizable and of high quality. However, choosing Military Specification Pulleys are a sure way to guarantee a dependable product that is built to last. Here at eSheaves we sell high-level Mil-Spec Pulleys that always perform at peak performance. Read more to learn about the key features of Mil-Spec pulleys and why to buy from eSheaves. 

Mil-Spec Pulleys are Built to Last:  Our Mil-Spec pulleys must conform to MIL-DTL-7034 (latest rev). We source military specification pulleys from the most qualified producers in the industry and incorporate this quality into your application. Mil-Spec Pulleys are not just dependable but durable too, ensuring that these pulleys will serve you for years to come.

Engineered Mil-Spec Pulley solutions:  Not only do we offer an extensive list of sizes and materials for Mil-Spec Pulleys (more detail at https://www.esheaves.com/products/mil-spec-pulleys), we are also able to provide supporting military specification aircraft cable that will help you meet your performance requirements. 

AerospaceOur Service Level:  While Mil-Spec pulleys are typically used for primary and secondary flight control systems we understand that you may have other questions about the product and which specifications are most effective for the job. Our eSheaves engineers and sales team members are able to assist you with any questions by email through sales@esheaves.com , calling us at 800-321-5667 or filling out a Quotation at https://www.esheaves.com/contact/request-for-quote/mil-spec-pulleyquotation/.

Not only looking for pulleys? That’s okay! Another benefit of choosing to buy Mil-Spec pulleys from us is that we can help choose the right cables for you to get the absolute best out of our pulleys. We have a variety of stock military specification cable products. Visit eSheaves to begin browsing our wide range of Mil-Spec Pulleys or to check out our great options for sheaves, cables, wire rope and more!