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eSheaves for Marine Applications

For 30 years, eSheaves has been supplying the maritime industry with sheaves. Sheaves can be used in a variety of marine applications, like marine dredges and floating and shipboard cranes. In salt water applications, sheaves are exposed to harsh, corrosive environments, which puts extra strain on them. eSheaves prides itself on manufacturing sheaves that can withstand these extraordinary conditions. No matter your application needs, eSheaves can engineer a custom sheave that fits your exact specifications.

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Applications and Industries:

eSheaves provides maritime sheaves to a plethora of marine applications. Some of these applications include onboard steering systems, custom marine equipment, marine dredges, and equipment launches and lifts. We manufacture different sheaves to fit all of these applications, whether you need spud sheaves or umbilical sheaves, we can meet your specifications and requirements. To learn more about the applications we supply sheaves to, visit our marine sheaves page on our website.

Sheaves for Marine Applications: marine

eSheaves has a variety of pulleys to choose from depending on your applicational needs. For marine applications, we offer Strongman Sheaves™, Hardhat Sheaves™ and QSheaves™. Strongman Sheaves are customizable wire rope sheaves. Strongman Sheaves are designed by qualified sheave engineers to fit your specifications, no need to modify your equipment or try to force replacement sheaves to fit. Once your custom sheaves are designed, they will be shipped to you within a matter of weeks. Hardhat Sheaves are cast nylon sheaves designed to wire rope load applications. They are preferred by leading crane manufacturers because of their improved service life, corrosion protection, and reduced weight. Our Hardhat Sheaves are also fully customizable, so they can fit any application. QSheaves are customizable wire rope sheaves. Whether you need a custom sheave or a sheave from stock, eSheaves has you covered. You can easily place your order for in stock QSheaves through our website or start a custom sheave project on our website to get your customized sheave order underway.

Why Trust eSheaves?: 

No matter your application or sheave requirements, eSheaves can get you the sheave you need. With quality customer service and quality products guaranteed, you know that you can rely on eSheaves to design a sheave that fits your specifications perfectly. eSheaves offers a variety of materials to choose from in the customization process, as well as an on staff engineer and design team that quickly designs the exact sheave you need.

Ready to order your sheaves? Visit our eSheaves shop to view our in stock, ready to ship sheaves available. Didn’t find a sheave that fits your exact specifications? Fill out the custom sheave project form here to get the custom sheave process started! Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team via email, Sales@eSheaves.com, or by phone 239.643.LOOS (5667).