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Industries that Commonly Require Precision Machined Solutions

Mil-Spec Plane

As the precision machining industry continues to grow, so does the number of industries that rely on support from machining companies. Here at Loos Precision Products, our equipment and manufacturing experience mean we can cater to a wide range of industries. However, there are five industries that we most commonly support: Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial, Medical, and Military. Continue reading to get more detail into how LPP supports each of these industries.


One of the main ways Loos Precision Products (LPP) can support the aerospace industry is thanks to our latest technology in CNC machining, turning, and milling equipment. Our facility is certified to both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015. LPP can also work to required military specifications, which is a common need for those in the aerospace industry. While a range of metals and materials are used in aerospace, LPP provides machining solutions in titanium, the most used metal in the industry.


Whether professional-grade or consumer-grade, the most commonly constructed parts for the electronic industry are using the high-tech CNC machining process. Electronic parts are created by turning or milling machines and are often required in mass production. LPP supports consumer electronics and the broader tech industry, which is made possible because of CNC machining.


LPP specializes in industrial refractory metal. While the industrial industry is massive,  our manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, LPP can support most applications within industry, no matter the size or demand. LPP can manufacture in a timely manner, while keeping costs relatively low.


A good example of LPP machined parts in the medical industry is components for advanced surgical procedures. Surgical procedures are ideal for precision products as surgeries require stringent accuracy. Additional sectors of the medical industry that rely on LPP are endoscopics, orthopedics, orthodontics, surgical instruments, surgical closures, and vascular interventions.


The military industry requires precision in parts that will meet strict Military-Specifications. LPP utilizes Swiss lathes, which allows us to manufacture precision parts to the highest quality. We are an approved source supplier for many leading military contractors for everything from airplanes and troop transports to munitions an communication equipment. LPP has a unique privilege in supporting the military, and we honor this privilege with a high level of confidentiality and commitment.

If you want to learn more about the industries that LPP supports, check out our industries page on our brand new website, loosprecision.com. Alternatively, if you have any questions, reach out to us by phone at (239) 643-LOOS (5667) or email at sales@loosnaples.com.