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Which Wire Rope Sheave is Best for Your Rigging Application?

eSheaves is a proud distributor of Strongman Sheaves and Hardhat Sheaves. Strongman Sheaves are steel wire rope sheaves that can be fully customized to fit your applicational needs. Hardhat Sheaves are cast nylon sheaves made for wire rope load applications. Each of these brands offer wire rope sheaves that fit various applications. Strongman sheaves are used as replacement sheaves, made to fit your existing equipment. With Strongman sheaves, there’s no reason to modify your equipment or compromise your equipment design to fit a custom sheave. If your equipment or application doesn’t fit one of our stock sheaves, we can easily customize a Strongman sheave to fit your application specifications. Hardhat sheaves are used in a variety of heavy-duty applications. Cast nylon sheaves, like Hardhat sheaves, are becoming more and more popular in load bearing wire rope applications. Continue reading to find out more about Strongman sheaves and Hardhat sheaves.

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Strongman Sheaves:

Strongman sheaves are steel wire rope sheaves that can be made in sizes ranging from 1” to 60” in diameter. They fit wire rope in sizes from 1/8” to 3”. Strongman sheaves can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, nylon, polymer, and other synthetic materials. All Strongman sheaves up to 16” in diameter are made from solid 1045 steel round bar. Sheaves from 14” to 60” feature rope grooves hardened to 35-40 RC. If you need a customized Strongman sheave, our engineering team will get back to you with a formal quotation in as little as 24 hours. Strongman sheaves 12” and under are typically shipped within 2 to 3 weeks, while larger sheaves are shipped in 4 to 5 weeks. You can fill out the Strongman quote form on our website!

Hardhat Sheaves:

Hardhat sheaves, or cast nylon sheaves, are the preferred sheaves by the world’s leading crane and hoist manufacturers. Cast nylon sheaves have replaced traditional steel and aluminum wire rope sheaves because they have a longer service life, they offer better corrosion protection, they weigh less than steel and aluminum sheaves, and they are easily customizable. Hardhat sheaves are the best choice for heavy duty wire rope applications because they help to extend the life of your wire rope and reduce the expenses associated with wire rope and sheave replacements. 

Strongman sheaves and Hardhat sheaves are both excellent choices when it comes to rigging applications. Strongman sheaves are made from strong, reliable steel and can be customized to fit your exact equipment specifications. Hardhat sheaves are perfect for heavy duty crane applications because they extend and improve the life of your wire rope and offer superior corrosion resistance. Find out more about Strongman sheaves and Hardhat sheaves on our website. Check out our eSheaves shop to view all of our in stock, ready to ship products available. Have any questions? Contact our sales team directly via email; sales@esheaves.com or by phone (800) 321-5667.