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What Makes our Small Cable Sheaves Special?


If you are frustrated with Small Cable Sheaves that fail to live up to service life expectations, consider switching to eSheaves! eSheaves Small Cable Sheaves are engineered for cables under ½" and are an in-stock, ready-to-ship solution for countless applications. While many companies offer Small Cable Sheaves, ours stand above the competition thanks to performance, variety of selection, and use in numerous industries. Continue reading to learn why you should choose eSheaves for your next Small Cable Sheave purchase.

Our Performance:

Our Small Cable Sheaves are turned from drawn high-quality bar stock, meaning that our sheaves provide more strength, dependability, and durability than others on the market. All of our bearings are engineered for high load applications, and the oil impregnation process ensures permanent self-lubrication of the sheaves.

Wide Variety of Selection:

Our Small Cable Sheaves vary in size from 1.5" - 6". Alongside our extensive range of sizes, we carry steel and stainless steel sheaves, which provides even more options for our customers. Here at eSheaves, we know that sometimes you may want additional modifications to stock cable sheaves, and that is no problem! By filling out our Small Cable Sheave quotation, we will be able to look at any additional requirements you may need and provide pricing and delivery.

stainless steel sheaveUse in Many Industries:

As our Small Cable Sheaves are built to such a high quality that is made to last, our applications can be used in various industries. From Sporting Goods, Farm & Field, General Commercial, Manufacture & Industry, Stage Rigging, Home & Hobby, and Recreation, our sheaves have a use for almost anything! Because our products are built to last, available in a wide range of sizes, and manufactured from only the highest quality materials, we can serve all our customers' requirements, no matter how demanding!

pulleys for fitness equipmentFishing Pulleys

Because our Small Cable Sheaves perform to the highest level, come in various options and are used in many industries they are one of the best sheave solutions available on the market! If you wish to browse our extensive range of Small Cable Sheaves, please visit the shop on our website at https://www.esheaves.com/product-category/small-cable-sheaves/. Or if you have any further questions about our Small Cable Sheaves, our team is happy to help! You can reach out to us by email through sales@esheaves.com or by giving us a call at 800-321-5667.