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What does Process Sheaves Offer for Wire and Cable Manufacturers?

Process Sheaves offers plastic and aluminum lightweight sheaves for wire and cable manufacturing. We provide high-quality products for your production equipment in addition to the exceptional service and expert engineering advice you have come to expect from eSheaves. What kinds of sheaves do we have available?

Custom Process Sheaves

Stock Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves
Need stock process sheaves and pulleys? Choose from a variety of in-stock and existing variations. These products are ideal for low-and-high-speed applications, including processing insulated wire, synthetic rope, tubing, wire, cable, and other linear products. Our sheave materials include aluminum, alum-ceramic, SX polymer, cast nylon, and other plastics. We have a range of imperial and metric sizes for U-Groove, V-Groove, Flat-Groove, and interlocking styles.

Bomco Replacement Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves
If you need to replace your discontinued Bomco sheaves, do so with our high-quality, SX polymer process sheaves. We have exact replacements that are available in U-Groove and V-Groove interlocking styles.

Custom Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves
If you manufacture electrical wire and cable, medical tubing, optical fibers, or similar products and can't find the exact sheave design you need, eSheaves engineers and sells a complete line of custom sheaves and pulleys for processing of linear products. With a guarantee of exceptional service and expert engineering advice, we are your go-to for all sheaves needs.

Customizable Wire and Cable Processing Sheave Materials
We work with a variety of materials to ensure all of your needs are met, including:

• Gar-Dur is what our sheaves are most often machined from. It's the densest and toughest thermoplastic available today. Gar-Dur has numerous properties that render it ideal for sheaves; toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, low-weight, low-cost, color, and temperature range.
• UHMW cut from stress-relieved sheets. It's an off-white color with a temperature range of -220°F to 180°F.
• High density polyethylene (HDPE) which has lower properties and prices. It is ideal for tubing, hose, synthetic rope, and similar materials with less demanding wear and load requirements.
• Ceram-P™ is ceramic-filled UMHW recommended for high-load and severe sliding abrasion. It is shatter-resistant and an alternative to sintered ceramic but is markedly heavier and more expensive than UHMW.
• Other options include: Nylon (polyamide), MoS2-filled nylon, and Derlin™ (Acetal). Special sheaves require other materials including teflon, phenolic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and composites.

Process Sheaves has all the plastic and aluminum lightweight sheaves you need. Coupled with expert engineering advice, our exceptional service also puts us a step above. Find out more about our line or request a quote by visiting www.esheaves.com