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What are the Advantages of a HardHat™ Cast Nylon Wire Rope Sheaves?

Whether you seek improved service life, corrosion protection, reduced weight, or a custom-engineered product, HardHat Sheaves from eSheaves.com can deliver! Save time, money, and maintenance costs by switching to HardHat cast nylon wire rope sheaves today. HardHat Sheaves has an impressive list of advantages and a streamlined process for requesting hassle-free quotes directly from our website. Have questions? Our team is happy to help.


Improved Service Life
Cast nylon sheaves are exceptional in their durability and performance. They have a distinct combination of physical properties that improve wire rope life in operation, including High tensile and compression strength. HardHat cast nylon sheaves have toughness and high elongation periods that are typically associated with less-rigid elastomeric materials. They provide a cushioning effect, reduce contact pressure, practically eliminate wear, increase safety in operation, and reduce expenses associated with wire rope and sheave replacement.

Corrosion Protection
Cast nylon sheaves are resistant to rust and salt water corrosion which eliminates the need for surface maintenance and the wear and reduction of strength due to rust. Corrosion protection means your product will last longer than those made with traditional materials.

Reduced Weight
Cast nylon sheaves are approximately one-half the weight of aluminum sheaves and about one-seventh the weight of steel sheaves. They reduce dead weight, increase working load capacity, lower inertial loads in operation, and ease handling during installation and replacement.

Custom Engineered
Cast nylon blanks are produced in molds that are custom-engineered to your specifications, and custom designed molds reduce material waste in production. Cast sheaves require little machining after casting to arrive at the finished product. Proper mold design ensures material properties are optimized and casting stresses are eliminated which results in a superior component. Our suppliers have a surplus of molds that fit nearly every rope sheave requirement.

HardHat Sheaves from eSheaves.com will save you time, money, and maintenance costs on all of your cast nylon wire rope sheave needs. There are many advantages of HardHat sheaves, not the least of which are improved service life and corrosion protection. Learn more or request a quote by visiting us on the web at www.esheaves.com