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Three Reasons to Specify MS21251 Turnbuckles

Loos is listed with the US Government as a qualified producer of connectors and fittings for wire ropes and cables ranging from 1/16" to 1" in diameter. Accordingly, our fittings are qualified under MIL-DTL-781 and MIL-DTL-8878, which has helped earn our stainless steel hardware the reputation for best quality in the industry. This means that we not only meet swaging and hardware requirements for straight shank, ball end, and fork and eye terminals, but we also meet positive safetying requirements for turnbuckles. Ideal for adjusting the tension between two cables, or removing the slack from a section of wire rope, turnbuckles are a versatile tool that is suitable for a wide range of applications. To ensure you are always using the best turnbuckles available, don’t forget to specify MS21251.

Military specification hardware is held to significantly higher standards than traditional commercial hardware because it is regulated by the government under strict guidelines. In order to produce Mil-Spec hardware, manufacturers must be part of the Qualified Producers List to ensure they comply with necessary standards. Conveniently, Loos is a qualified producer for MIL-DTL-8878, which is the specification that covers turnbuckles. This callout not only outlines production requirements, but it also provides detailed testing procedures to ensure each product withstands fatigue, bending, and rotational movement.


Loos Cableware Division produces a full line of turnbuckle bodies in accordance to MS21251 standards. (Note: MS21251 replaces NAS649 with current specifications.) MS21251 Series turnbuckles are available in brass, steel, and aluminum, which provides freedom of choice when selecting the ideal material for your application. Aluminum and steel are both treated for corrosion protection as specified by MIL-DTL-8878, making them a durable option for harsh environments. No matter which material you choose, they are carefully manufactured, inspected, and tested prior to shipment.

Use with MS21256
The MS21256 Series Locking Clip is designed to secure our MS21251 Turnbuckles by locking them in place. Just like the turnbuckle itself, the locking clip is held to high production, testing, and quality standards that ensure the two components perform seamlessly together. They are made of corrosion resistant steel wire to provide durability out in the field. For locking clips that are just as strong as turnbuckles they secure, do not forget to specify MS21256 with your MS21251.

To learn more about our MS21251 turnbuckles and MS21256 locking clips, visit our webpage here. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.