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Take the Labor Out of Swaging

Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division offers a full line of traditional handswaging tools from our Locoloc brand. They are made in the United States, and are engineered to accurately swage cables up to 1/2”. However, if you are someone who wishes to take the labor out of swaging, we offer hydraulic handswagers, battery swaging tools, hydraulic swaging machines, and powered swaging machines to make your job easier and more efficient.

Locoloc 3-H Hydraulic Handswager

Hydraulic Hand Swaging
Easily multiply your strength with the help of the LOCOLOC® #3-H Hydraulic Hand Swager, or #3-K Hydraulic Hand Swager Kit. These rugged tools are durable and powerful, yet they do not rely on electric or battery power which makes them portable and convenient for use out in the field. With the ability to exert 14 tons of pressure, the #3-H has the strength to swage oval sleeves up to 1/2”, or stop sleeves up to 3/8”. The #3-H Hydraulic Hand Swager is available individually, or as part of the complete #3-K Kit, which also includes six sets of dies, six sets of gauges, and carrying case for an all-in-one solution.

Locoloc Battery Swaging ToolLocoloc Battery Swaging Tools
We offer a variety of lithium-ion powered battery swaging tools for cables ranging from 1/16” to 1/12”. As a step up from hydraulic hand swaging tools, these battery operated Locoloc swagers can perform accurate, repetitive motions with ease. They are compact and lightweight enough to be operated in confined spaces with one hand, and their output ranges from 6 to 12 tons.

5-H Hydraulic Swager


Hydraulic Swaging Machines
For use in your cable assembly production department, we offer the Locoloc #5-H hydraulic Swaging Machine that combines 25 tons of strength with an independent hydraulic power supply. This 10,000 PSI machine assures dependable pressure for strong, consistent cable assemblies without sacrificing speed. If you suspect slow swaging production may be stealing some of your profits, contact us to talk about how a #5-H Hydraulic Swager can increase your efficiency and output.

M2-PK Swaging Machine

Powered Swaging Machines
For a more sophisticated swaging machine which permanently affixes to a bench, we offer the M2-P. This system converts the traditional M2 manual swaging machine to one powered by a 1.5 horsepower motor. This setup is available individually as the M2-P swaging machine, or accompanied by additional accessories, such as gauges and dies, through the M2-PK Kit.

Whether you are taking your swaging tools out to the field, or using them inside your production facility, we manufacture a wide range of tools and machines to take the fatiguing labor out of swaging. For more information about our hydraulic and battery powered handswaging tools, or hydraulic and powered swaging machines, visit https://loosnaples.com/ or contact us at https://loosnaples.com/about-us/contact-us.