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Recent Changes to MIL-DTL-83420

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Important updates have been made to a Military Specification that Loos & Company certifies several of its products to. MIL-DTL-83420 has been changed to Revision R from Revision P as of January 7th, 2022. Continue reading to find out more about the MIL-DTL-83420 specification, the two new changes, and how it will impact our customers.

What is MIL-DTL-83420?

The military specification controls both the manufacturing and performance standards of flexible aircraft cables in aircraft control applications. The specification covers galvanized, tin-zinc, and stainless-steel materials for both bare and jacketed cable. The constructions for the spec cover 3x7, 7x7, and 7x19 options.

What are the new changes to MIL-DTL-83420?

  1. The measurement of concentricity has changed and is now based on multiple measurements similar to the “3-point” geometry of a 3 or 6 strand cable, not 90 degrees only like a smooth cylinder. It also specifically allows the use of the electronic type vision system.
  2. The change also further clarifies the diameter measurement of rope. Conformance is now determined before any proof loading, making it easier to determine the acceptability criteria of the occasional lot that can reduce slightly after the P/L operation.

What are the impacts of these changes?

Both changes have been made based on the industries’ goal to reduce any specification misinterpretations. Beyond the clerical changes, please note that when referring to MIL-DTL-83240, it is now referred to as Revision R opposed to the older Revision P. The changes will have no effect on performance or usage of MIL-DTL-83420 certified products. Customers will continue to receive the highest quality cable available for use in flight controls and other critical applications. As you’ve come to expect from Loos & Company, by manufacturing to the strict standards of MIL-DTL-83420, we can consistently meet the highest performance and technical standards in the aircraft cable market.

Other Specification News from CWI:

Loos and Company are the only company qualified to 100% of items covered under four different military specifications: MIL-DTL-83420, MIL-TL-83140, MIL-DTL-87161, and MIL-DTL-18375. Loos was also the first to obtain QML status for the assembly process specification, MIL-DTL-6117!

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