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QSheaves™: Your Choice for Replacement Sheaves

Did you know QSheaves™ specializes is making customizable replacement sheaves for the wire rope industry? QSheaves™ prioritizes creating high-quality, high-performance sheaves that keep your job on track. No more waiting weeks or months to receive your replacement sheaves; QSheaves™ can ship your replacement sheave order directly to your jobsite, facility, ship, or mine within 24 hours of placing it. QSheaves™ patented technology gives you OEM quality sheaves, while also saving you time, maintenance costs, and keeping your bottom line low.

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The QSheaves™ Difference:

QSheaves™ is able to offer customers a high-quality product that performs better than the competition. We offer customers competitive pricing, which is made possible by our patented design. We offer fast shipping and delivery to keep our customers on track on their jobs. All QSheaves™ are solid steel, non-flamed, and have a hardened groove, making them strong and reliable sheaves. QSheaves™ also gives customers the ability to customize their sheaves. QSheaves™ are available with a 6, 8, 10, or 12” outer diameter, with bearing assemblies available in 1” to 2” inner diameters. QSheaves™ are engineered to handle wire rope from 3/8” to 3/4”, with bearings available in bronze or roller bearing. With over 1300 combinations or diameter, bore size, bearing, and spacers available, QSheaves™ will have a replacement sheave that fits your applicational needs.

Why Choose eSheaves for all of Your Sheave Needs?:

eSheaves has been supplying sheaves to the wire rope industry for over 30 years. eSheaves offers customers the ability to customize their products to fit their exact specifications. We offer a variety of materials to choose from so that you can create the perfect sheave for your application. eSheaves has an on-staff engineering team that can help you with any problems or questions that you have regarding our sheaves. More than anything, eSheaves prides itself on making quality products and having exceptional customer service!

Ready to order your QSheaves™? Visit our eSheaves Shop to place your order! You can search by product type, material, part number, or various other attributes. Need a custom sheave? Fill out our Custom Sheave Product form to get started today. Have questions? Contact us via email, sales@esheaves.com or by phone (239) 643-5667.