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QSheave’s Right Fit Technology is Built on Patented Expertise

Wire rope sheaves are used in drilling, marine, and lifting applications every day, yet the slow and lengthy manufacturing process has not changed much in one hundred years. It was not until QSheaves released its Right Fit Technology that the outdated, built-to-order system got its first major makeover, slashing traditional lead time by 100%. With over fifteen years of experience and two groundbreaking patents, QSheaves has revolutionized modern wire rope pulley assembly to provide an innovative solution for a longstanding problem.

Let’s talk about the evolution of this patented process, and outline its major advantages.   

Qsheaves awarded its patent #7,614,611 in 2009, allowing the pulley assembly process to be broken down into customizable steps. By keeping an inventory of individual components, Qsheaves can quickly assemble wire rope sheaves by combining bearings, adapters, and sheave bodies in over 1350 different configurations. This allows QSheaves to process orders in less than 72 hours, compared to other companies that often take 3 to 6 months to build and ship a pulley from scratch. With an unbeatable selection of virtually indestructible wire rope sheaves that range from six to twelve inches, QSheaves provides quality pulleys that rival leading industry brands.   QSheaves Logo

Innovation did not stop there. QSheaves patent #9,428,370, released in 2016, further increased efficiency, flexibility, and convenience once again. This new system allows all sheave bodies of a given diameter to travel in one batch where their bearing configurations are not determined until the end. This provides broader assembly options for a given sheave body compared to the previous design that matched the hub bore and width configuration at the beginning, locking the sheave to a specific dimension right away. Instead of committing the bearing size first and building the rest of the sheave around it, this style builds the sheave body first and configures the bearing setup later.  

Custom PulleysThis process provides greater flexibility during the assembly process by allowing for adaptations and adjustments once an order has been submitted. So not only are the new sheaves as economical and reliable as previous versions, but they are also customizable to 1420 different configurations.

Shop QSheaves online to find the perfect wire rope pulley, and experience Right Fit Technology for yourself.