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QSheaves is Revolutionizing the Wire Rope Sheave Industry

qsheaves logo-1QSheaves a product found at, offers durable and high-performance replacement sheaves that ship from stock in 24 hours or less! Companies have always struggled in the past with not finding a long-lasting sheave for their crane, dredge, boom, hoist or lift. The longer the wait, the more difficult your job, maintenance and keeping profit becomes. Thankfully, here at eSheaves we have a solution to this problem.

We provide on-line ordering and next-day shipment of our sheaves to your facility, jobsite, ship, or mine. We know the importance of speedy delivery, and at eSheaves, we want customers to keep their operations up and running rather than having to come to a halt while waiting on replacement sheaves.

Not only are we dedicated to the fast delivery of QSheaves, eSheaves guarantees you are getting a high-quality product. QSheaves are supported by patented technology that provides Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality to our customers. Alongside the technology, QSheaves are an excellent sheave replacement option because of their durability. All QSheaves are built from solid steel with top performance bearings, non-flamed and made with a hardened groove making our sheaves virtually indestructible.

Here at eSheaves, we want to make sure you can easily find the correct replacement Wire Rope Sheave. Thanks to QSheaves’ Patented Right Fit Technology, more than 1300 combinations of bore size, race, diameter, and bearings & spacers are available right off the shelf! A bit unsure of what type of replacements our Sheaves are commonly used for? Many QSheaves are direct replacements from OEM manufacturers such as Crosby McKissick and Gunnebo Johnson Sheaves. Visit our QSheaves Cross Reference page to learn more

Strongman Wire Rope Sheaveswire rope sheaves

By selecting the configurations that meet your performance needs, we can assemble and ship out the perfect QSheave for you. QSheaves are available in 6, 8, 10 & 12″ outer diameters, engineered to handle Wire Rope from 3/8″ to 3/4″. Our Bearing Assemblies are available in 1″ to 2″ inner diameters and available in Bronze or Roller Bearing. Configure the QSheave you need by checking out our QSheaves Configurator page

Wire Rope SheaveIf you want to learn more, please visit and if you are ready to make a stock QSheave purchase have a look at our shop Any further questions? Our team is happy to help! You can reach out to us by email through or giving us a call at 800-321-5667.