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Industrial Applications That Use Sheaves

Sheaves are used in a variety of applications across various industries. One of those industries is the general industrial industry. In the industrial industry, you may need a sheave as small as 3” for a small cable application or a 60” sheave for a hoisting application. eSheaves is your answer for any sheave application. We offer a plethora of sheaves, whether you need a replacement sheave shipped directly to your jobsite, or a custom cast nylon sheave, we have you covered. Continue reading to find out more about where our sheaves are used and the sheaves we offer on our website.


Sheave Applications Table


Small Cable Sheaves: eSheaves small cable sheaves are steel or stainless steel sheaves designed for cables ½” and smaller. We offer a variety of small cable sheaves in stock, ready to ship directly to you. Our small cable sheaves are strong and durable, turned from drawn bar stock to ensure that they are able to withstand various applications.

Strongman Sheaves: eSheaves offers Strongman sheaves, fully customizable steel sheaves. After submitting your inquiry form, one of our expert engineers will get back to you in as little as 24 hours with a formal quotation. Strongman sheaves have a lot of flexibility with their customizations, you can get a sheave with a diameter of 1” all the way to 60”. Strongman sheaves are also machined from solid steel, guaranteeing their strength.

HardHat Sheaves: HardHart sheaves are cast nylon sheaves. In recent years, cast nylon sheaves have started to replace traditional steel and aluminum sheaves because of their improved service life, corrosion protection, and lightweight structure. While they are more lightweight than steel or aluminum sheaves, cast nylon sheaves are still used in demanding applications, being able to withstand tough conditions.

QSheaves: Qsheaves offers replacement sheaves at an affordable price, with sheaves that ship directly from stock. QSheaves™ patented technology allows us to manufacture replacement sheaves with OEM quality and performance that we can ship quickly to your jobsite, in order to help you avoid unnecessary delays.


eSheaves offers a plethora of sheaves for your industrial application. Whether you need a replacement wire rope sheave or a customized steel or cast nylon sheave, eSheaves has you covered. Visit our website to view all of our sheave options or submit your custom sheave form. Have any questions? Reach out to our sales team via email; sales@esheaves.com or by phone (800) 321-5667.