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How to Order eSheaves and Where You Can Find Them

eSheaves offers a variety of sheaves and pulleys that can accommodate any of your applicational needs. Whether you need a sheave for rigging and hoisting or for fitness equipment, eSheaves has you covered! We offer sheaves in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, and cast nylon. Our sheaves come in a plethora of sizes, ranging from 1” to 60”, depending on the sheave brand you are purchasing from. eSheaves offers in stock, ready to ship sheaves, as well as custom engineered sheaves. You can fill out a custom sheave request on our website and one of our highly skilled engineers will get back to you with a sheave quote that fits your specifications. Read on to learn more about how and where to order eSheaves products.

How to Order from eSheaves: Screenshot 2022-09-15 155424

  • Catalogs: download one of our catalogs and find the right pulley for your application.
  • Custom Order: complete a custom request form for a quick sheave quotation, backed by industry experts and available faster than many other companies. We can also provide quotes over the phone!
  • OEM Cross Reference: our cross-reference guide will help you select the perfect OEM replacement sheave from our in-stock selection.
  • Product Selector: if you know the specifications for your application, you can input that criterion into our product selection tool and our configurator will help you choose the perfect product each time.

Where to Order Your eSheaves Products:

eSheaves.com is your one stop shop for all your sheave and pulley needs! We conveniently have all of our eSheaves products listed on our website, as well as all of the products we offer from QSheaves™, Process Sheaves, Hardhat™ Sheaves, and Strongman Sheaves. On each of these product pages, you will easily find where to input your information to receive a quote. You can also visit our eSheaves shop to view our selection of in stock sheaves.

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eSheaves values their customers and their time. In order to help accommodate our customers as best as we can, we offer in stock, ready to ship sheaves which can be purchased through our website. If one of our in-stock options doesn’t fit your specifications, we have a highly knowledgeable team of engineers that can give you a quote on a custom sheave. Have any questions? Contact the eSheaves sales ream via email, sales@esheaves.com or by phone (800) 321-5667. Visit our website to view our full product range.