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How Important Is Safety Locking Wire?

Though safety locking wire may seem like a basic, or even unnecessary tool, it actually has two very important jobs. It prevents hardware from moving in high vibration environments, and it also acts as a visual aid to let maintenance personnel know if there is an issue with the security of that hardware. Often used in military equipment, aircraft, and other large transport vehicles, safety locking wire secures bolts, nuts, and other hardware subject to extreme shaking or rattling.

Safety Locking WireSafety locking wire is more secure than cotter pins, and it can be used virtually anywhere to create an added level of security. Because excessive vibration causes nuts and bolts to loosen or unscrew with time, safety locking wire helps keep them in place. There are a variety of different ways to install it depending on the configuration, quantity, and size of the hardware, but safety locking wire essentially ties and tethers two or more fasteners together in a chain. When wrapped properly, the wire counteracts unwanted movement with additional tightening.

Safety Twist PliersSafety locking wire also provides visual information about the health and security of hardware or fasteners. If the locking wire has snapped or worn, mechanics will know to inspect the area for issues, and replace any damaged or worn bolts, clips, components, etc. Without safety locking wire, loose hardware may go unnoticed, putting equipment at risk for malfunction or lives in danger due to structural failure. This small length of wire can ultimately mean the difference between safety and catastrophic failure. Avoid using safety locking wire in areas where it may experience chafing, as it can weaken the wire.

Luckily, Loos and Company stocks stainless steel safety locking wire in a wide range of popular sizes and packages to ensure it is always available when needed most. From ¼ lbs. per spool to 10 lbs per spool, we have everything you need to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly. To assist with installation, we also offer Safety Twist Pliers, a 3-in-1 tool that makes safety lock installation easy and quick.

To learn more about our safety locking wire, visit the products page on our website or contact us for more information.