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Have you Seen our Newly Updated Swaging Tools and Wire Rope Terminals Pages?

We recently updated our website to make it easier to find swaging tools and wire rope terminals that meet Buy America, Buy American, and Made in the USA standards! At our Pomfret, Florida facility, Loos Cableware Division has been a domestic manufacturer of high-quality swaging tools and wire rope terminals for decades. Our products also meet a full range of sourcing specifications, such as DFARS. These new webpages reflect our pride in being a domestic manufacturer of products, and we are exciting to share them with you.

Three Reasons Why to Buy Domestic:

  1. Quality:

Choosing a domestic manufacturer ensures your products come from local American sources and are tested and certified to the highest standards. Our products are made from premium materials, and due to strict specifications and standards outlined in Made in USA, Buy America, and Buy American standards, you are getting products and tools that are built to last. Visit our product pages for additional information about our domestically made products.

  1. Reliability:

Strict sourcing requirements not only equate to quality, but reliability, too. When your products are made in the USA, you can be confident in knowing your tools and terminals are made from high quality materials. Additionally, purchasing from a domestic manufacturer eliminates any stress about the potential of purchasing defective parts. Buying at Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division means you know exactly where your parts are coming from, ensuring reliability!

  1. Direct Support for Economy & Manufacturing Sector:

Our Cableware Division is committed to keeping the American manufacturing industry alive. By buying our wide variety of wire rope terminals or numerous swaging tools, you directly support the American workforce, and local jobs.


If you want the best, choose domestic! Take a moment to visit our Made in USA page to get a more in-depth look at our manufacturing capabilities and the domestic history of our Cableware Division. Alternatively, if you are interested in our other Domestically manufactured strand, wire rope, and cable products, visit our product webpage here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email at sales@loosnaples.com or by phone at (239) 643-LOOS (5667).