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Have you Seen Loos Naples New BrushKing® Webpage?

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Loos Naples is proud to announce a brand new page to our website that focuses on the tree pruning and shaping Loos & Co., Inc company, BrushKing®. Our webpage highlights the origins of BrushKing®, what sets BrushKing® apart from other tree shaping companies, and our various products. As BrushKing® is a leader in outdoor tools, Loos Naples feels it is important to dedicate a section of our website to highlight the highly successful Loos & Co., Inc company. Continue reading to get an in-depth insight into BrushKing®.

Extensive Product Lines:

If you are an outdoor professional, there is no better place to shop than BrushKing®! BrushKing® offers numerous products for various tasks such as shearing, cutting & pruning, and sawing. A few of BrushKings® products include grafting knives, pruning knives, hand saws, pole saws, German shearing knives, and USA shearing knives. When you need pruning and shaping solutions, BrushKing® has the right tools to get the job done! Additionally, BrushKing® has partnered with FELCO®. BrushKing® offers a large range of Swiss-Made FELCO® cutters and pruners made to the highest standards.

Superior Quality:

As you have come to expect from Loos Naples, superior quality products are one of our highest priorities. Similarly, when it comes to BrushKing®, achieving the highest quality is the main focus. BrushKings® knives are the top seller for Christmas tree shearing due to our exceptional blades. These German-made blades stand out from the competition because of their strength, durability, and excellent precision, all while remaining lightweight.


Similar to the story of Loos Naples, BrushKing® was founded on the principles of hard work, innovation, and product quality. Founder Gus Loos was travelling abroad in rural Germany and came across a highly skilled knifemaker. The two struck up a deal, and by 1985, BrushKing® was born. Over three decades later, BrushKing® is a leading pruning and shaping company with quality products recognized worldwide.

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While many companies focus on outdoor tools, few come close to the exceptional products made by BrushKing®. If you would like to learn more about some of the products, quality, and history of BrushKing®, you can visit our brand-new webpage on the Loos Naples website. Alternatively, if you have any questions, we are happy to help! Reach out to us by phone at (239) 643-LOOS (5667) or by email at sales@loosnaples.com.