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Are Cast Nylon Sheaves Replacing Traditional Sheaves?

For years, cast nylon sheaves have replaced traditional steel and aluminum sheaves in cranes, hoists, and other load bearing applications. Cast nylon sheaves are superior to aluminum or steel sheaves for wire rope load applications. They are now the sheaves preferred by the world’s leading crane and hoist manufacturers. Cast nylon sheaves has preferred by crane and hoist manufacturers because the have an improved service life, they have corrosion protection, they weight significantly less than steel or aluminum sheaves, and they can be easily customized. Continue reading to get more information on HardHat™ Sheaves and why they are being chosen over steel and aluminum sheaves.

Improved Service Life: iStock-973570636 (copy, edited) (2)

Cast nylon sheaves provide durability and performance in demanding load applications. This is done through a unique combination of physical properties that significantly improve wire rope life operations. Cast nylon sheaves have high tensile and compressive strength, as well as superior toughness and high elongation properties that are traditionally associated with less-rigid elastomeric materials. Nylon sheaves eliminate wear on the outer layer of wire rope, extending its life by 2 to 3 times. Using nylon sheaves also helps reduce overall expenses because you won’t need to replace your rope and sheaves as often.

Corrosion Protection:

Cast nylon sheaves are impervious to rust and salt water, meaning that they don’t wear down overtime from water corrosion. This resistance is a property of the nylon material itself, not the product of a paint or similar thin coating used to protect the sheave. Having this protection, ensures that the nylon sheave will maintain its structural integrity overtime.

custom_nylon_sheaves_for_lifting_industry-300Reduced Weight:

Cast nylon sheaves are significantly lighter than steel and aluminum sheaves. Nylon sheaves are approximately one-seventh the weight of traditional steel sheaves and approximately half the weight of aluminum sheaves. Using nylon sheaves helps reduce dead weight, increase working capability, lower inertial loads in operation, and ease handling during installation and replacement.

Custom Engineering:

HardHat™ sheaves can be easily customized to fit your application specifications. Cast nylon blanks are produced in custom engineered molds, which help reduce material waste in production. With proper mold design, we can ensure that material properties are optimized and casting stresses are eliminated. We offer hundreds of molds that fit almost any wire rope application, getting you the proper sheave for your specifications.

eSheaves is proud to distribute HardHat™ sheaves. HardHat™ cast nylon sheaves are manufacturers first choice for wire rope sheaves because of their strength, durability, and longevity. Cast nylon sheaves are significantly lighter than steel and aluminum sheaves, while still performing to their standards. If you would like to get your cast nylon sheave quote today, visit our website. Have any questions? Contact our sales team directly via email; sales@esheaves.com or by phone (800) 321-5667.