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Announcing our New Webpage Dedicated to 3D Printing Services

LPP has recently added a new webpage dedicated to a form of additive manufacturing, 3D printing. Our 3D printing webpage highlights the capabilities and benefits of 3D printing while also listing the materials for 3D printing and how we use our additive manufacturing for aerospace and many other industries. Continue reading our blog to learn more about each of these sections on our new webpage.

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Detailed Capabilities Section:

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that has the capability to print an extensive amount of different part types. A few of the common parts we can print include machine parts, loop fixtures, threaded parts, hinges, center wire guides and more. Our web page highlights the specific size requirements we can print and how long it takes for small and large parts to be printed on our machine. We also highlight how our additive manufacturing process prints parts in numerous colors to fit your required needs.

Explanation of the Benefits of 3D Printing:

On our webpage, we focus on the numerous benefits of 3D printing. Some of these benefits include reduced costs compared to many other machining methods, fast speed of part printing, and its environmentally friendly characteristics compared to forms of subtractive manufacturing. Our web page explains why additive manufacturing is better for the environment and how multiple plastics used in 3D printing are biodegradable.

List of Materials we use to Print Parts:

At Loos & Co., Inc., we can print parts in a wide range of materials. A few of the most common materials for 3D printing include PLA, PETG, NylonX, and Carbon fiber reinforced with PLA and Nylon. By visiting our webpage, you can find out important details about the properties and capabilities of each of these materials for 3D printing.

Information on the Main Industries we Support:

As the possibilities with 3D printing are near endless, we have the privilege to cater to a wide range of industries. We focus on additive manufacturing for aerospace and cater to the automotive, industrial, electronics, manufacturing, and medical industry. Whether we are using our 3D additive manufacturing for aerospace or any of the other industries mentioned above, we hold the highest standards to fast delivery alongside superior product quality.

To learn more about either the capabilities, benefits, materials, or industries associated with 3D printing, please check out our brand-new webpage here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, reach us by phone at (239) 643-LOOS (5667) or email at sales@loosnaples.com.