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An Overview of our Process Sheaves

At eSheaves, we stock, customize, and sell over 60 Process sheave variations. We know that picking the right process sheave for the job can be daunting, so we want to explain a bit about our Process Sheave line by highlighting their main use, specific features, and style variations.

Main Use of Process Sheaves:
For those in the manufacturing sector, Process Sheaves are exactly what you need. Most notably, they are used to manufacture medical tubing, optical fibers, electrical wire & cable, or various other similar products. Our Process Sheaves are produced with the quality materials and stringent standards to ensure your production equipment operates with ease.

Features of our Process Sheaves:
Here at eSheaves, we have various styles of Process Sheaves, making us the best option on the market.                         

  • V-Groove Interlocking Sheaves
  • Plastic Flyer Sheaves
  • U-Groove Interlocking Sheaves

Types of Process Sheaves that we Carry:

Stock Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves

We have an extensive range of Stock Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves ideal for low and high-speed applications. These sheaves are perfect for processing insulated wire, synthetic rope, tubing, wire, cable, and other linear products.

Bomco Replacement Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves

At eSheaves, you can replace your discontinued Bomco sheaves with our high-level performance SX Polymer Process Sheaves. Exact replacements are available in U-Groove and V-Groove interlocking styles.

Custom Wire and Cable Processing Sheaves

Alongside our stock options, eSheaves provide Process Sheaves in a wide range of materials to handle any processing application. Abrasive or flexible, flat or round, high speed or low, our pulleys can be made with the exact performance level to meet your requirements.

What applications are a fit for Process Sheaves?

  • Custom Process SheavesInsulated Wire
  • Tubing
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Bright Carbon, Galvanized, and Stainless steel wire
  • Flat or round wire
  • Copper and copper alloy wires (Brass, Bronze, etc.)
  • Small cord or aircraft cable, bare or insulated
  • Low to high-speed processing  

If you know the size and style of wire and cable processing sheave you need, please browse our shop at If you would like to hear more about our Custom Sheaves that can be made from various materials, please visit Alternatively, if you have any questions, we can help! Reach out to us by email through, or by phone at 800.321.LOOS (5667)